About enerope

What is enerope?

What is enerope?

enerope is the expert encyclopaedia for the European energy industry.

Conceived as a professional energy portal, enerope is aimed at experts from across the energy spectrum from bio energy to wind energy.

What is different about enerope?

What is different about enerope?

The basic thought behind enerope is: EUROPE FIRST!

enerope promotes business within the European energy industry.

enerope is not affiliated with any corporation or firm, therefore enerope is non-baised.

What advantages does enerope offer?

What advantages does enerope offer?

Energy is your business.

Performance is power over time.

Time is precious.

enerope saves time and money.


The main advantages of enerope:

Timesaving for you as a Manager - because comprehensive market information is available at the touch of a button

Helpful for your new staff - because in a short period of time essential concepts can be learned.

Lucrative for your company - because high costs for outdated and peripherally used compilations can be avoided.

How is enerope structured?

How is enerope structured?

enerope is 5 dimensional and composed as follows:

by energy types: Primary energy - Secondary energy - Final energy - Energy services

by subject areas: Law - Politics - Efficiency - Research & Development - Environment - Prices - Products and lots more

by overriding topics: Energy Event Calendar - Business Lexicon - Price Monitor - Address-book - VIP Database - Atlases - amongst others

by country: all European countries

by languages: German - English - French - Italian - Spanish

Further advantages and services

Further advantages and services

You can incorporate enerope into your intranet and allocate specific user groups.

Our numerous graphics and charts can be used by your marketing department for your own presentations.

We can include your events in our user friendly European Energy Event Calendar.

You can publish your press releases on our news portal.

You can send us relevant articles which we will publish reffering  to your name.

We will gladly consider any special requests you may have.

The EnergyMosaic

The EnergyMosaic

The copyrighted Energy Mosaic is one of the main features of enerope.

All relevant energy sector information regarding the main European players and more is shown in detail. 



Quintlingual databases on enerope:

The European energy event calender

Industry directory for the European energy sector, displaing more than. 4000 entries
Many of them are linked to products and services.

Vaious data on all types of energy within the European energy sector

Where are the power generation plants, pipelines and storages located?

a huge energy encyclopedia - patrly illustrated

Daily news from across Europe

White papers and studies

Programs and projects all over Europe

Personalities (Energy VIPs)




Membership of enerope

Membership of enerope

Save time and money by keeping up to date with enerope.

In every column you will find comprehensive in-depth knowledge.

Price for a User-Licence
Students / Trainees 1)EUR 0,00Contact us now!


EUR 90,00/YearContact us now!

Price for a Company-Licence

(up to 30 Users)EUR 900,00/YearContact us now!
Price for a Corporate-Licence
Corporate Useon requestEnquire now!

1) With proof of ID or enrolment  
   The User-Licence is valid for one year after registration.
    Henceforth a new registration is necessary.

Trial subscription

14 Days free and without commitment

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Entry in the European industry directory

Entry in the European industry directory

European energy Industry directory

Your entry will be found under:

European State - City - Type of energy - Category - Product - Service  - Name - Brand

Price for your entry
Standard EUR 0,00Contact us now!
PremiumEUR 190/YearContact us now!
PremiumPlusEUR 260/YearContact us now!
Your press releases on enerope

Your press releases on enerope

Pls. send us your press releases by E-Mail .

Your studies and professional contributions on enerope

Your studies and professional contributions on enerope

Text will be added shortly.

We publish your studies and white papers on enerPEN reffering to your name and linking them with your web address.
Please contact us.

Your events on enerope (conventions, fairs, seminars, workshops)

Your events on enerope (conventions, fairs, seminars, workshops)

Advertise your events, conventions, info days or seminars.
We list your events in the big Energy Event-Calendar.

Your entry can be found under:
European Country / Energy Type/ Segment / Date/ Name of Event Organiser/ Name of Event.

Additionally you can advertise your Business Cards effectively.

Price per entryEUR 40,00Contact us now!
Price for more than 10 entries per yearon requestEnquire now!
When and where are you appearing in public? enerope will show it!

When and where are you appearing in public? enerope will show it!

At which conventions, conferences, seminars and trade shows are you participating? Register your public appearances now!

We will advertise these in the European Event-Calendar enerCAL under:
Exhibitor / Speaker / Sponsor / etc.

Your advertisement on enerope

Your advertisement on enerope

Business Cards

An even better awareness can be achieved along with your core message:

  Joe Public PLC
  Public Road
  12345 City
  Your text...

Up to 200 words can be written using the Quick Info tool.

Price for placement
Your Business Card in one place with Quick Info
EUR 60/monthOrder now!


Banner ad

A very effect advertising method is to place your Banner on the right hand side of enerope
A maximum of 5 Banners per side can be inserted to maintain a high standard of exposure. You can select between a single placement and a group placement according to Energy Type or Segment.

Price for placement:
On the start pageEUR 350,00/monthOrder now!
As a single placement EUR 190,00/monthOrder now!
As a group placementon requestEnquire now!



Maximise your advertising effectiveness by placing your Banners as a Skyscraper (3 month contract)

Price for placing a SkyscraperEUR 580,00/monthOrder now!
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